£30 Wheels Deal

£30 Wheels Deal

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For just £30, 

You get:

1L Wheel Cleaner Plus

Waxed Perfection highly rate our non acidic Wheel Cleaner Plus, so do our customers. It cuts through dirt and grime and leaves your wheels in immaculate condition. 

500ml Wheel Scrub - Dedicated Wheel Shampoo

A dedicated maintenance shampoo designed purely for your wheels. Don't use harsh chemicals every time you wash your wheels, Wheel Scrub will remove dirt and keep your wheels and tryes in great shape. 

500ml Snow Foam Syrup

iDetails Snow Foam Syrup turns your car into an igloo then drags all the dirt and grime from your paintwork. It has fantastic hang time and is popular with professional detailers. Please type your snow foam fragrance (Cherry or Blueberry) into notes at checkout or we will need to pick for you!

1L Lets Fallout, Iron fall out remover

This liquid decontamination product turns purple while dissolving iron contaminants on your vehicle's wheels helping you keep them contaminant free. It can also be used on your vehicles paintwork for the same purpose!