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£30 Best Sellers

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For just £30 you get our best selling items: 

You get: 

1L Pre-Wash Spray

This is our incredibly popular and effective Pre-Wash Spray, it's a must have for all enthusiasts and detailers and has quickly become our most popular product. 

1L Wheel Cleaner Plus

Waxed Perfection highly rate our non acidic Wheel Cleaner Plus, so do our customers. It cuts through dirt and grime and leaves your wheels in immaculate condition. 

1L Hydra Sealant

Hydra Sealant is an incredible hydrophobic product especially when used on your vehicles glass, you can also use it on your vehicles bodywork to give brilliant water behaviour. Check our Instagram videos out to see it in action! 

1L All Purpose Cleaner

Simple and effective this powerful APC can be used all over your vehicle to great effect, customers love it and that's why it's up there with our best sellers!