Clay Bar (100g)

Clay Bar (100g)

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iDetail's Clay Bar can be broken down, moulded and used to remove contamination from car surfaces. Clay Bar can remove different kinds of blots such as rust, grease, tar. 

Tip: Use hot water to soften clay bar to assist in moulding

To use:

Stretch and fold the clay bar to a workable size, using quick detailer or a clay lubrication sprayed over your paintwork.

Rub over "washed" paintwork.  

Watch as contamination is collected in the clay bar.

Fold or remould clay bar when it becomes full of contamination.

Repeat claying process as necessary.

Throw the clay bar away once the bar starts to deteriorate in your hand or becomes unusable. If the clay bar is dropped on the ground, make sure to discard it immediately. 

Keep out of reach of children.