About iDetail

iDetail Pro is a small independent company setup in Scotland dedicated to providing quality detailing products at affordable prices. 

We've started small but we are reinvesting directly into developing new products  with the aim of bringing you more quality detailing goods in the future.

Our passion comes from a wealth of experience in business and an absolute passion for car cleaning topped off with years of buying and using car detailing products. We understand them, know what real enthusiasts look for in them and we use all our own products ourselves! 

We have created two brands:

iDetail is our "go to" brand, highly effective and reliable products which produce fantastic results every time you use them. iDetail products have all been developed and refined in house and tested extensively before we release them (anyone who follows our insta story will have seen this).

iDetail Pro are products based on iDetail but with something extra. We have started this journey producing "Hydro Shampoo" based on our original shampoo design. iDetail Pro's Hydro Shampoo creates a film between your wash mitt and the car giving an extra layer of protection when washing, it also contains a hydrophobic formula which rapidly increases drying time and the protection it offers to your car after use. iDetail Pro products will carry our signature white label across the range. 

We understand that everyone has different needs when buying car products which is why we've catered to a wide range of audiences. 

Thank you for reading about the iDetail journey, please contact us on Instagram or email idetailgroup@gmail.com